Assetz Group

The residential arm of the esteemed Assetz Property Group, Assets Homes as of now has 6 ventures ready to go in different phases of their lifecycle. With around 45 lakh sq. ft. of advancement space in their archive, Assetz Homes is quick arising as one of India's driving designers, continuing in the strides of the MIPIM ASIA AWARDS 2009 winning Assetz Property Group. Established in 2006, Assetz Property Group has created north of three 3 million square feet of overwhelmingly 'A' grade business office spaces in Bangalore, loaning a solid monetary and specialized sponsorship to Assetz Homes.

At Assetz, we're focused on making supportable homes that insignificantly affect the climate. Each Assetz home is a carbon-mending home. Its elements incorporate using each drop of water, sending no loss to landfill and guaranteeing a green cover that helps both you and the climate to relax. Our group includes more than 200 experts who carry extraordinary skill to their separate fields. The group additionally has a 11-year normal of rich cross-industry abilities no matter how you look at it.

As you've presumably speculated at this point, we additionally work with exceptionally regarded natural experts to ensure each Assetz home is eco-accommodating. Our central goal is to adjust the need to get through the messiness of a profoundly serious market where patterns and style have an extremely short timeframe of realistic usability, with the requests of cost and financial backer certainty. A way to not capitulate to this is to consider design that communicates a kind of agelessness - answering to factors that are unchanging to the site and the encompassing setting and not to passing patterns - to make something that can't be recreated somewhere else.